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modeling as Coupe sports car-like roof of the Insignia silhouette looks very smooth, and the front of the Opel brand new logo design and a unique grille shape the interpretation of the Opel design.
Opel brand personality of the other design elements also include before and after the wing-shaped lamps and body side started in front of the distinctive rear side Yaoxian, they gave a strong and beautiful Insignia.
Comparing with the appearance, Insignia in interior design, in addition to guarantee due process of fine and good, the focus of the campaign style.
The red backlight instrument Taiwan Hongtuo luxury of a warm atmosphere, this design will also be applied to the follow-up Opel models.
The seat is designed in accordance with the highest standards of ergonomics, comfort and safety of the two major elements have been placed in the most important position.
Opel latest development of the AFL take the initiative to adjust the lighting system is also Insignia has been applied.
Depending on the traffic lane, set up in front of the nine different light beam can be automatically adjusted, which not only improve the quality of drivers but also for traffic safety are also important.
At the same time the use of LED lighting, AFL lighting system and the general use of high-intensity halogen lights lighting systems, greatly reduce energy consumption, lighting the conversion of carbon dioxide from before about 6 g / km dropped to almost zero.
Insignia able to provide front-wheel drive and all-wheel-drive two drive modes, automatic adjustment of the all-wheel-drive system can instantly change the distribution of torque, which can not only ensure that the round with the best drivers, but also significantly increased Vehicle dynamic stability and handling.
In addition both the all-wheel-drive model or two drive modes, with automatic adjustment of the FlexRide chassis stability control system can play a role, the system can automatically adjust suspension parameters to adapt to different road conditions, pilots can also choose different hobby Traffic patterns, the suspension was appropriate to change parameters.
Published in the beginning, consumers have 7 engines to choose from.
Insignia of each engine Europe can meet emissions standards and can be corresponding with 6-speed manual or automatic transmission.
Four petrol engine power output by 4-cylinder engine of 86 kW until the V6 engine of 194 kW, and three new direct injection diesel engine power output by 82 kW to 119 kW.
Opel Opel company will then launch the application of technology EcoFLEX Insignia, the technology can achieve a very low carbon dioxide emissions.

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