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I recently imported from Opel dealers that the manufacturers introduced a modified version of Astra, and surrounded the installation of a big tail, which is surrounded by large imports of the original German siege at 18,000 yuan, 8,000 yuan for the dermis .
In addition Astra GTC currently has 10,000 yuan in cash concessions, but also presented some gifts.
Stock, the Astra GTC is sufficient car, interested consumers may wish to shop to find out.
Astra GTC Zhidao Jia discount on the margin of preference original 1.8 AT25.30 10,000 243,000 10,000 yuan panoramic windshield version 1.8 AT27.80 10,000 268,000 10,000 yuan tab: Pacific automotive network configuration modified Opel Astra Astra in the country only five Liangxiang 1.8 L displacement version, equipped with 1.8 L four-cylinder ECOTEC engine, this engine with good fuel economy, integrated fuel consumption as low as 6.3 liters.
And exhaust emissions, has also reached the European IV standards.
The two models: comfort and luxury.
are equipped with the highest in the treatment of the bilateral front airbags, side makes its containment capabilities to achieve the highest standards of the European NCAP5 stars.
Using a 4-speed automatic transmission, with SportSwitch campaign mode, the throttle and shift more of the feel of the car, the self-evident as "the city Silver Fox."
07, Astra Deluxe Edition and more comfortable than the assembly of the panoramic sunroof, remaining the same configuration.
Equipped with automatic air-conditioning, CD stereo speakers 7, in the centre console with a computer screen shows the journey than the regular sunroof and a 2.25 times the large skylights (updated version), and other luxury equipment.
And in a safe configuration, the Astra has adaptive brake lights, six collision sensors, vehicle collision after Kai-automatic warning light, the collision energy-absorbing metal box, after the impact, such as with Jusuo automatically open.
Imports Opel brand dealers in Guangzhou recommended list: (the only contact details netizens use specific concessions to the shop to the Advisory prevail) Guangdong supplies automotive trade group sales Tel: 86328000 related articles link: spacious new run Forces! Opel Astra TT Yidi Shunde, 08 new Opel Astra Astra GTC panoramic windshield version if you mention to the dealer PCauto (Pacific automotive network) will have better service and lower prices.
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