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Opel will be July 23 to August 3 on the release of the British show its new flagship model of Insignia, including four Sanxiang version with the five-door hatchback version.
The new Opel Insignia with innovative designs, muscle and elegant style but the body contour, the sports-style at the top of the line.
The new designers refined the design work makes both hatchback or sedan version will be preserved version of the Opel vehicle as a unique beauty.
Both models are 4,830 mm in length, has the same wheelbase as 2,737 mm.
The Opel Insignia of fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and driving dynamism is due to its dynamism and in accordance with the aerodynamic design can be improved, near-perfect performance through 650 hours of wind tunnel tests.
The result is Drag coefficient is only 0.27, which is almost at the same level of the best level.
Britain and France like such a publication on the market, while providing four Sanxiang version with the five-door hatchback version is extremely important, here's Zhongji Che people in the market for five version of the favorite to win even A sedan version.
For Germany and Spain, and the situation is exactly the opposite.
The car of the future in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Australia and Switzerland, and the price will have to wait until the 22nd will be announced at the London show, and the car dealers to reach the hands of Germany is estimated to be the end of the year.
Opel hopes the two models can eventually sold basically the same.
Dynamic aspects from the start, the Opel Insignia on the preparations for a wealth of engine Front, a total of seven! And meet all the EU V emission standards can be equipped with six-speed gearbox.
The four largest gasoline engine horsepower four-cylinder from the 115 to 260 of the V6.
Three direct injection turbo diesel engine technology and are based on two liters version, but based on specific adjustments different from the maximum horsepower from 110 to 160 range.
Development of the new chassis performance through innovative integrated system to enhance the FlexRide, in additionthe Adaptive 4×4 and exquisite technology.
They can achieve rapid distribution of torque to the four wheels to ensure stability and traction, so further improve the dynamic performance of manipulation.
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