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Posted by admin | OPEL | Thursday 19 June 2008 6:28 am

It is understood that to this year's imported car market is fiercely competitive, to enter the hot July Geng Shiba promote competition in the white-hot stage.
Jia Ming Che Che-hung has always been to quality service, preferential prices, and strive to bring the vast number of consumers very high-quality automotive grade life.
I recall that in pre-market launch on a series of OPEL Opel, SAAB Saab of two Special Offers vehicles, limited in time-bound activities in the Hot, is swept away empty.
Thanks again to business and consumers in general to OPEL Opel, SAAB Saab's support, in Yanyanxiari for our customers, the fans thoroughly re-launched the eight concessions Xinliang vehicles, is unprecedented.
Direct 100,000 maximum concessions.
Saab and Opel for the original price discount rate of 07, SAAB 9561 million (package licensing) 528,000 yuan (including licensing) of about 100,000 yuan 07, SAAB 93 43370,000 yuan 60,000 yuan 06, SAAB 95 53Yuan 463,000 yuan 67,000 yuan Oubaoweida 380,000 yuan 320,000 yuan 60,000 yuan Zafira 310,000 yuan 250,000 yuan 60,000 yuan tab: Pacific Network www.pcauto.com.cn said Saab Automobile, Can not fail to mention turbo.
Saab is the first turbo will be applied to car manufacturers, the use of turbo technology also extreme.
Turbocharged engine is an increased intake capacity of the technology, specifically its use of the gas compressor will enter pre-compression cylinder, so that gas will greatly increase the quality of the combustion is also more fully.
Saab engine fitted with a turbocharger, can increase its maximum power of about 40 percent.
Therefore, we see Saab advertised "2.3 T engine can override3.0 L on the power" is not surprising.
Surging strength is comparable to other luxury brand of 3.0-liter engine models.
Strong driving force for the output of low-speed overtaking makes it very easy for security, and also a better balance of fuel economy, the market now is a time when fuel prices rise, SAAB Saab more suited to the scene of the needs of the market.
ICP is the new "vision" and "sensitivity" and "hearing" with a similar sense of human capacity, is a very sensitive intelligence of the car.
Revolutionary interactive driving system (ids), the new Opel Vectra is the most important innovation, so that the new ICP to become a highly intelligent vehicles and similar models come to the fore.
Interactive system is like driving with the suspension system, brake systems and steering system "dialogue" of the brain that it can be driving environment and the passenger asked to make intelligent decisions quickly, to provide a more comfortable driving more perfect driving Fun.
Oubaoweida the new Opel Zafira has a lovely before and after the design elements, to a sports car look.
The front of the large chrome beam integrated Opel logo, borrow the engine hood of the fine elements, and use it to the two parts of the tank grid, after a full chrome handle.
Before the fog lights around the personality and Neiao lines and bumper style with a V-shaped front.
Deng Zhao is also the first use of chrome look.
Zafira bold, full of the overall front-end gives the appearance of a campaign, is also more impressive.
And this style is also extended to the outreach of the round arch, crossed the plate to the side enclosures significant outstanding after the spoiler lip.
Other attractive features are transparent on both sides of the 3 D-room-style red taillight.
Taillight the silvery bands throughout the rear of chrome beam further enhance the design style.
Opel Zafira Jia Ming Che Che-hung - OPEL Opel / SAAB Saab 4 S stores (Shenzhen distributor) OPEL sales hotline :0755-25110908, 25102808 SAAB sales hotline :0755-25949188 Repairs Tel :0755-25949288 Address: Shenzhen City Luohu District, extension of benefits Hua-peng Fong Road East car Exchange Square
mound 1 if you mention to the dealer PCauto (Pacific automotive network) will have better service and lower prices.

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