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Cook County Illinios residents have until September 30th to take advantage of GM’s Employee Discount program. Bill Sullivan Pontiac recently launched a new website giving Illinois residents the capability to preview and shop for cars online.

Bill Sullivan Pontiac, the number one Pontiac retailer in Illinois for the past 13 years just expanded their dealership to include all makes and models of Buick and GMC cars.  With the expanded selection of cars came the need for a new website to offer Illinois car shoppers the best online shopping experience.

Bill Sullivan Buick, Pontiac GMC Cars:

The new Buick website will appeal to Cook County shoppers who seek information first from the internet.  The site offers easy, one click shopping on all Buick makes and models as well as up to date information on the latest specials and incentives.  Consumers searching for a new or used vehicle, researching financing options, or looking for a quick quote on a Buick car, can find all relevant information on the new site.

Bill Sullivan just announced that the GM Employee Discount For Everyone program which includes supplier pricing on all 2008 and 2009 Buick cars, will be extended through September 30th.   Illinois shoppers can get live inventory updates as well as instant car quotes on the new website.

General Motors Corp.’s first brand has seen a resurgence recently thanks in part to a dedicated effort to attract younger buyers but it has always been an integral part of the company.

David Dunbar Buick started the Buick Motor Car Company in 1902 in Detroit but had financial problems throughout his short ownership of the company. That worked well for William Crapo “Billy” Durant, who took control of Buick in 1904 and used it as a basis for incorporating General Motors Corp. on Sept. 16, 1908. Durant quickly capitalized on Buick’s cars, parading them around Flint where the company had been relocated, which generated buzz for the company.

■ The 1904 Model B, built in Flint, becomes the first Buick for sale. The automaker produces 37 Buicks that year.

■ Buick introduces its first closed-body car in 1911.

■ In 1926, Buick unveils the Buick Master Six, a civilized ride for the era and a vehicle that features four drum brakes, a three-speed transmission and a switch on the steering wheel to dim the lights at night.

■ The Marquette, a sister brand designed to bridge the price gap between Buick and Oldsmobile, is launched in 1929. The Marquette is discontinued a year later.

■ In the 1930s, Buick introduces the Roadmaster, a V-8 powered sedan, coupe, convertible or wagon that featured hydraulic four-wheel brakes and a 131-inch wheelbase. Its huge grille, bulging fenders and tight-fitting headlights give the Roadmaster a classic gangster look. The vehicle boasts a factory-installed heater, fan and radio. The Roadmaster begins a long tradition and will become of Buick’s most popular models.

■ Between 1946 and 1957, the Roadmaster was Buick’s premium and best appointed model. In 1949 a hardtop coupe, designated “Riviera,” joined the model lineup, and a four-door hardtop joined the lineup in 1955.

■ The 1936 Buick Century was a fast, sporty model that could reach 100 miles per hour. The small Buicks, the Century and its lower-priced sibling, the Special, helped Buick and GM recover from the Great Depression.

■ In 1939, Buick introduces the industry’s first rear turn signals that use flashers.

■ In the late 1950s, GM begins to explore a personal luxury car, coming up with the Buick Riviera. It debuts in 1963, above, with knife-edged styling and was dropped after the 1999 model year. Over eight product cycles, Buick sold more than 1.1 million Riviera models.

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